If you are interested in learning bagpipes or drums, please contact :


or simply visit us Thursdays at 7pm – everyone is welcome.


What do I need to get started?

Learner pipers

You will start with a bagpipe practice chanter (a small mouth blown reeded instrument).

The band offers new learners:

  • To purchase a chanter ($125)
  • To rent to own ($5/week)

Practice chanter

The chanter plays with the same fingering as a real bagpipe chanter but, due to the construction (soft synthetic reed) is more quiet than the full bagpipe.

It’s important to understand that for the first half a year or so practice chanter is going to be the only instrument you play and you will continue to use it to learn music thereafter. Choose carefully and buy quality.

We recommend our plastic chanter type. The advantage of plastic chanter is that it is almost indestructible and requires zero maintenance. Later on, if you decide that the tone is important for you when you practice, you can get yourself a wooden one and still use plastic one as a knock-around.
Our chanters are long span (hole spacing is the same as the full size bagpipe chanter) as it makes the transition to the pipes easier.

Learning Drumming

Drum corps are a highly skilled close knit selection of drummers that are essential to all pipe bands. Many non-pipe band kit-drummers often take up the Scottish style snare drum as it is the possibly the worlds most technical discipline on of single drumming.

You will need a set of pipe band specific drum sticks and a practice pad.

So that you match our players and sound please purchase you sticks and drums from our band.

We offer:

  • Sticks & Pads for purchase
  • Sticks & Pads for rent to own ($5/week)
  • Free use of drums for events and practices